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Aquila Game Reserve Reviews

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“An incredible Safari experience for the entire family!!!”

In December of 2010 we took an amazing family trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Before departing on our flight from Canada to Cape Town we decided to enquire about booking a Safari adventure for our family. We spoke to the good people at Jenman Safaris in Cape Town, South Africa. As we were going with two fairly young children they suggested that Aquila would be an ideal place for a safari. We were told it catered more to a family experience! We booked a two day safari drive with a one night stay. The staff at Jenman African Safaris were very informative and service was excellent!

The 130 Km drive to Aquila from Cape Town was a great visual experience. The landscape changes from fantastic views of the mountains to acres and acres of vineyards as you get closer to Touwsriver. It was a spectacular drive! Once we arrived at Aquila we were greeted with smiles and a glass of champagne for the adults and some sparkling fruit juice for the kids. The rooms were very clean and spacious. The thatched roofs really added to the charm. The Kids loved the upstairs loft and claimed it as their own. Before our evening safari drive we were treated to some excellent food at the buffet. The food was all very fresh with a good selection. It was tasty too! After our meal we got a chance to relax and unwind around the pool for a bit.

In the early evening we gathered near the Aquila entrance for our Safari drive. We met our driver as well as the other families that we would travel with us in the vehicle. Romeo would be our driver for the evening as well as the second drive in the morning. After meeting everyone we all scrambled into the vehicle and set off.

Once you enter the reserve it is only a matter of minutes before you see some live animals. Our driver and guide Romeo really took his time approaching the animals You don’t want to startle a buffalo or a rhino. We found out that they can be very aggressive especially when cornered,. Romeo explained each animal we spotted in great detail. He talked about their habitat, diet, Life cycle and so on,. I believe that the animal info our guide provided really added to all our safari experience. Romeo not only told us about the animal itself but also included a lot of info on their life in the wild and specific details about each endangered animal and it’s struggle to survive. The info on the breeding programs that Aquila are working on was also great to hear. The conversations were very open and allowed for everyone’s questions large or small. Romeo even took the time to even answer the kids questions fully.

It was really incredible how close we were able to get to each animal. I had not expected this and was in total awe of all the animals we got to see. Some great Kodak moments for sure! We all loved the drives and the chance to spot the animals over the two day Safari. Please note that it’s not just the big 5(Buffalo, Lion, Rhino, Elephant & Leopard) you get to see. Aquila has several other animal species on the reserve. We really enjoyed watching the Hippos, Giraffes, Wildebeest, Zebras and other animals. It was funny how much a kick the kids got out of the small mongoose that we spotted darting in and out near the hippos.

Aquila gave our family a safari memories for a lifetime. When we got back home to Canada our safari trip was the number 1 topic of conversation with family and friends. If you are in the Cape Town area I highly recommend the Aquila Game Reserve for a fun family time! Thank you to Romeo and all the staff at Aquila. It was a great adventure. Also thank you to Jenman Safaris for suggesting and booking our fun trip!

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“Excellent game reserve.”

We a family of 3 – my wife, my 3 yr old daughter and myself had gone for a safari at the Aquila game reserve. Aquila allows even babies to accompany at game drives which is such a relief.

We were picked at 6:30 am sharp as mentioned to us and reached the game reserve at 8:30. Waiting for us was sumptuous breakfast and let me tell you it was the best breakfast I had while I was in cape town. We were then taken for the game drive. Our game drive guide was highly knowledgeable about the animals and the wildlife. We were able to see most of the animals and it was truly a very good experience not only for me and my wife but also the little one. After the game drive we were left to feast in on lunch which was again a good one. there is also option of horse riding after lunch though we weren’t part of it I reckon people who had gone for it enjoyed it thoroughly. If you are in Cape town I would highly recommend Aquila.

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